Strange, Beautiful





I hope that you can be happy every somethingyou want !
Thanks for being always yourself, keep being as amazing and stay healthy
Every time I need to say something about you or to you the only thing that comes to my mind is: I LOVE YOU! Because only with that word I can express everything I feel for you. I wanted to thank you for being who you are, for making me happy and for being the best part of me. And you can be sure that in these last years that I spent with you, I spent every day of them much happier. And I also have to say, of your qualities that everyone can see. Those who arrive first of everything, who give themselves up and open a world full of possibilities in front of the lucky person who has the pleasure of being in your company. From your smile, it soothes the soul of anyone. That would appease the worst wars, transform all the axes of the world and soften the hardest of hearts, just to exist. It is not today that I realized everything you represent, but if you want, I can spend an entire day talking about the most beautiful person, inside and out, that has passed through my life - and I hope it continues forever being part of it. Thank you for everything. I love you Mark.
I wish you always be happy, Mark. Be yourself, love youtself. Thank for always make me wanna be better person, grow up well, n dream more. Thank you for everything especially as my happiness in my difficult times in my life. I'll be your side no matter what. I love you. I miss you
안녕하세요 마크!! First of all thank you for being the best brother to JB, Jinyoung, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam and to Yu gyeom. We, Ahgases or IGot7 will always stay humble and supportive fan of you and to your whole member. I wish someday that we will meet together with your Filipino fan. Always take good care of yourself, always be nice and kind to others and humble person as always. God bless to you and to your group. thank you, i love you.
I hope you keep doing your best and I hope you stay healthy we all love you so do not give up from your big's fan
Hi Mark!! hope you doing fine.. first happy early birthday to you! hope you can be a better person, a good son, brother, friends, uncle and others what do you want to be! but you're already an angel! hehe hope you always healthy and can show us how much you loves us as we love you! i thank you for your motto.. it really inspired me.. also, how was states? how is it feel to comeback home even for a short time? i bet you had fun!! how you all perform at the states concert seems so fun!! could you send my love for everyone? for papa, mama, grace, tammy, rc, joey, kylie and leila!! i love the girls so much they are so adorable and cute!! also send my love for the members! i'm one of indonesian ahgase! and Mark, thank you so much for everything you do.. even i only can see you on screen, you always makes me feel happy and my mood up! anyway, is it already long eh? i'll see you when you comeback!!! hope everything goes well as what you wish! the album, photoshoot, events, etc! im waiting haha, love you mark! and i also love your tshirt!!
Happy Birthday Mark! I know you are probably really busy and tired, but I hope you continue to take care of yourself and stay healthy. Remember that Ahgases will always be here for you and waiting for you! Thank you for being born and bringing so many people joy. You deserve greatness and know that I am always supporting you! Eat lots of cake and I can't wait to see what else you will accomplish in the future. ❤
I love you~ thank you keeping me alive!
hey Mark, you are very special and attentive to the Ahgases and the other members of Got7, the Ahgases love you and will always support you! Come to Brazil please, with love Bia.Fighting!
i've only started liking got7 for a while but you guys have already stolen my heart! especially you, Mark, i've grown so fond of you, you're someone who i've come to love dearly and i know love is such a strong word but that's something i feel for you, even if we've never met. You are someone who's made me smile and laugh when i've been down, even if you do something so simple (like posting a picture on instagram) it'll make my whole day so, Thank you. Also the world may seem like it's against you at times but please keep fighting! You are so amazing you've shown us that it's possible to do anything if we put our minds to it! And i wanted to remind you that you are loved by so many people all over the world please don't forget! And of course remember to stay healthy!! I love you so so soooo much and i wish nothing but the best for you!
You are a very hard-working person, don't care about other people's opinions, be yourself, as long as you are happy with your family, then everything is worth it.I only hope that we will support you behind your back anyway.
Aww I don't know what to say but I love you and I'll stay beside you forever. Please stay healthy and eat more! I will learn more English and Korean for you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ miss you all the time and I love you to the moon and back
Hi, Mark! How are you? It's been 4 years since you came into our lives. One thing about you that did not change is your love and appreciation for the people around you. Although, you don't say it verbally, believe me, your eyes express it all. Thank you for coming to us. Thank you for being alive. "Thank you" "I love you" are sometimes not enough to express my feelings. I feel overwhelm by the fact that we are living under the same moon. I will always be your Ahgase. I will resepect and love you all my life.
Hi Mark! Thank you for sharing your talent and hard work with all of us. I love all the lines you get, and watching you perform/ having fun with GOT7! You seem like a really nice person, I look forward to seeing you live one day and hope you like the fan art me and all the ahgases that took part in this created ❤
Mark, I thank you for your beautiful existence. You are truly an amazing human being. I feel so blessed to have come across you in this lifetime. It might seem strange that there are many others like myself who have seen a huge change in their lives because of you, you who we do not personally know, but rather observe on stage and admire from afar. But you have made an impact on our lives in multiple ways. You make us happier. Stronger. Better. Every day I strive to be better because I know you work so hard to make us happy. To make everyone around you happy. Thank you for being my source of strength. Thank you for the love you give to us fans. I celebrate your existence every single day♡
Hello mark thank u for being such a kind and amazing soul. Thank you for proving to people that humans can have amazing talent amazing visuals and a great personality!! I really really love you. You've given me happiness so many times already !! Someday i hope people would recognize u more! you're so talented thank u for all the hard work and most of all thank you for giving aghases the love we deserve ♡♡ i love you happy birthday!!
You don’t have to be perfect. You are yourself. I love everything that you are, Whether you are on stage, with friends or with family. Is a famous idol or a street man. I still love you and support you forever
Continue doing what you love! As your favourite phrase goes "Work Hard, Play Hard", we will work hard for you and Got7 too! But while working, please remember to get plenty of rest and take care of your health! Thank you for being Mark Tuan Yi-En, thank you for being part of Got7, thank you for always doing your best and for always loving Ahgases! We are proud to be part of IGot7!
Thank you Mark for being such and amazing roll model. Thank you for giving me strength and courage to do some of the things in my life and making me smile. And I just want to say that I’ll always be supporting you and always giving you strength and courage as well. Thank you for blessing us with the music you make down to your soul. Thank you for everything, I love you so so much <3
You’re doing great. I hope you will accomplish everything thing you dream
Thank you for everything, no matter what happens I believe you will succeed in anything you do ^^
stay healthy and happy and love you❤
Thank you for bringing me happiness. I hope you keep doing what makes you happy and that your smiles always remain genuine.
Hey Mark! Happiest birthday to you! I know you don't know me, but I know you, and I know you're an amazing man. I know you've been through so much sacrifices in life. I've been going through the same thing for 6 years already (though this isn't my dream job -- imagine the stress, anger, and sadness), abroad (in the UAE), with not much friends (I have some and I have one best friend now) and family (dad is here -- though we were a bit distant for the first 3 years). Being a fan of yours (and GOT7 of course) for less than a year, I've seen old photos and videos of you during your thank you-ments saying that you're very much thankful for ahgases being there, supporting all the way, and that we're your source of strength. The same goes for me, Mark. You ARE my reason and my motivation to keep going on with my life. If it wasn't for you and GOT7, I think my life would be such a wreck, I can't even imagine. It was a whole lot of crying for me those days, I swear, I'd be lost -- I was nearing my breaking point before I knew about you boys. You brought the sunshine and the rainbow right in front of me, through my screen. I am so thankful for you and your existence, Mr. Mark Yi En Tuan. I wish you all the best in life, I sincerely do. I hope to meet you some day, may it be hi-touch, fanmeet, on the street, at the airport, or anything. I love you, I love GOT7, I love our ahgafamily. Stay healthy always and take care. God bless you, Mark.
To mark tuan, i thank you for give me the opportunity to know you. I always giggles and smiling non stop when i saw your preview pictures from fansite or even a gif from twitter account. My only wish for you is to be happy with anything you do, to smile and keep on give us smile and cute moments of you and to always and always being healthy as you are right now. I would love to see your abs someday and i will make sure to frame and potrait it in my house . To mark tuan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEGEND!
Mark, hey. Ummm, I just don't know how to put in words but I respect you a lot. You changed a lot of lives and still do, in a very good way. At least, you did to me. You inspire me with the little words of you. Keep going forward. Your lyrics became so meaningful as ur existence. I love to support you for you and for how beautiful you are as well as the other members. Even if I'm that far, yes Egypt is far but I will still give you all the love you deserve and I wish people see how beautiful you all are and do support. At the end I won't say bye but I will say to whenever we met. Remember me Mayada from Egypt.
I love you Mark. How are you? Please take care yourself. I miss you so much. I want to see you every time but it’s impossible because I live in Thailand, So please come to Thailand soon and more and more. Miss you so much. I don’t know how to explain that how much I love you. I just want you to know that I love you. And I promise I’ll always love and support you and GOT7 forever. I’ll be here by your side. Keep Fighting GOT7 is the BEST So much love from me to you. See you soon Mark. (sorry my English language isn’t good.)
Thank you because of you exist you makes my world wonderful.And because of you when I have the most hardest problem in my life, I remember that I have you in my life so I keep work hard and solve the problem even if it's hard.
Stay strong, keep ur chin up ! Just ignore ‘bout things make u down. May this birthday give u a new Mark tuan on positive ways. For me, i love u with the way you are i support u whenever and whatever you are Thank you very much for all ur efforts for me for ahgases and i admit that iam trully purely adore u just from beginning. Mark tuan, even we never talk by each but believe my heart always talk bout you. Thank you Mark Tuan, thank you GOT7 for making me hard to move on and last I LOVE U