Strange, Beautiful







He is the kindest man I have ever met. He works hard play hard.He has many ideas.he is an angel.I hope that he will act
As a huge inspiration and motivation for me to carry on and do my best
It may seem like a cliché but I see him as a normal person, as a simply guy. He haves a good personality, and like a say before he's so simply, so kind, he's a good son, he love his family and he inspires me to be a good person.
My same age friend who I crush
I see Mark as a very good person as his parents
I see him as loving person
he is an angel who cares about everyone and act wisely as he's an idol he's also an amazing uncle, brother and surely a very good son! he's acted adorable because who he is, not pretending and he's Mark, he being himself and i love whenever he act as Mark!
Mark is selfless and inspiring. He showcases how hardwork and being humble can bring you the success you want. Mark had to leave his country, learn a new language, learn how to rap, dance, sing, and how to do martial arts tricking from a young age. He sacrificed his entire previous lifestyle to be who he is today. On top of that, Mark is an introverted person who usually hides his own feelings, but to be able to learn and express himself in another language is so brave. To me, Mark is an angel sent from above and he deserves the world and everyone's love. Although we don't get to see Mark's private life, I know that he is still the same person we see as an idol. He is kind, caring, observant, responsible, and a loving person.
I see him as someone who is very expressive with his emotions, though he rarely speaks; actions carry his words!
A family man,loving and polite
I see mark as someone who does everything with good intentions. He is someone who seems determined and ready to take on whatever the universe throws his way. He's kind, loving and caring even if he doesn't show it in an extravagant way, you can see it in the little things he does. Mark is someone who is beautiful inside and out.
He is a good-natured man
He is sincere
A lovely and adorable human being.
I think he's a good person! I hope this is ok,, I'm not good at answering these kinds of questions.
Mark is a brave soul. He left the comfort of Arcadia to pursue something unconventional and difficult. He entered an industry he had no inclination for or experience in. He trained amongst those with much more raw talent and skill than he, but his stubbornness and determination allowed him to persevere. He went through long and rigorous training hours, while learning how to navigate through a foreign country and its completely different culture than he had been accustomed to. Mark endured it all to find his passion and love for being on stage, and his desire to perform for all of us, his fans. Mark possess a quiet strength. He is not one to demand all the attention, nor is he a loud one that wants to be in the spotlight. But, naturally, eyes gravitate towards Mark, because he exudes a strong, quiet confidence. I experienced this first hand when I finally saw him perform in person. Mark's aura is magnetic, and although he is soft-spoken, when he speaks, he has everyone's attention. The GOT7 members have said it themselves, that Mark's words are the final say. That when they all scramble to come to a decision, Mark is quiet, but when he says his piece, it is agreed upon. Mark is quiet, yet strong. How else could he have left his family behind to pursue a dream that was highly likely to not work out in his favour? But his strength has been rewarded, with the successes he has attained under GOT7s name, and the fans' love he continues to receive endlessly. Mark is loving. He never fails to give back to his family, friends, and fans. He is a sweet son, brother, uncle, and friend. The people in his life can attest to this. He does not forget to message his parents 'Happy Mother's/Father's Day' despite the timezone difference. He has begun to give his parents gifts, and even pay for his mother's own medical bills. He is a filial son, who works hard across the country, but does not forget to take care of his family. Mark is caring. Especially towards fans. At debut, Mark instinctively ran across the stage when he saw the stage lights about to fall on a fan ( When it started raining at a fanmeet, it was Mark's idea to have the group move back and let the fans stand under the shed ( Mark doesn't forget to send messages of care to fans that are waiting for them ( These are just a few of the many instances where Mark's genuine care for the fans comes out. This is just a fraction of how I see Mark as a person. But these moments are all reminders that I have chose the perfect person to love and support. I know Mark cannot be our idol forever, but I want to cherish our time with him as much as possible. Because if anyone deserves the best in the world, it is Mark Tuan.
I see him as one of my inspirations and one of the reasons i have happiness
Good at all ❤️
Observant and hardworking. It's hard to leave your home and chase after something that you have 0 knowledge about. But he persevered and debut as a member of Got7. It's due to his determination, hardwork and growing passion that brought him here today. As JYP said - there is no member in Got7 that is not hungry and they are constantly working hard for Ahgases.
Mark is the type of person who knows how to have fun, is serious when it’s time to get to work, but brings smiles so that the atmosphere isn’t so tedious. Also by his actions, he makes me feel like home when I’m away (pun intended)
He seems quiet at first but once you get to know him his can be just as fun and silly as the maknae
As a sweet and loving person
I see him as someone who is genuinely happy and someone who will always be there willing to help others.
As a person, I see Mark as an inspiration and motivation.
A person that has clear motto and goals.
Beautiful in and out. Free soul.
In the event,Grand opening Nestival Thailand Tour 2017
He is a person who talk less , do more
A clever silent deadly man